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Circle Seek Bar Demo App

Android App Details:
Company: Digital Mirko
Version: 1.0
Category: Demo
Language: English
Device: Compatible with Android Mobile
Requires Android 5.1 Lollipop (API level 22)
Programming Environment: Android Studio 3.0
Circle Seek Bar Demo App icon
External Libraries used:
  About Circle Seek Bar Demo App:  

This simple app turns your Android phone into a Circle Seek Bar Demo App.

To use this app the user just clicks the 'Circle Seek Bar Demo' app icon and they are taken right into the app. They are greeted with a solid green disc that has a number (0.00) in the middle. As the user puts their finger on the lower middle left of the disc and swipe up the number in the middle will change. Each 360 deg (33.33) will switch to another color. The limit is set to 100. The three colors used are blue, red and green. At any time the user can select the middle and the app will reset to 0.00. with a bottom 'Rest' lip that pops up letting them know its been reset.

External libraries used: '' and ''

Screen caps and video taken from App running on Motorola Moto X Developer Edition running Android 5.1 Lollipop (API level 22).

Circle Seek Bar Demo App Screen Caps
Video Examples Proto Type Sketch Shown
Video: Showing App in Use Sketchbook App Design Layout
Circle Seek Bar Demo App Screen Caps
App Started
Circular Swipe to 6.72
Circular Swipe to 15.42
    (Green Color)   (Green Color)
Circular Swipe to 24.45
Circular Swipe to 32.19
Circular Swipe to 45.08
(Green Color)   (Green Color)   (Red Color)
Circular Swipe to 57.81
Circular Swipe to 59.29
Circular Swipe to 67.16
(Red Color)   (Red Color)   (Blue Color)
Circular Swipe to 77.91
Circular Swipe to 87.43
Reset Option Selected
(Blue Color)   (Blue Color)   (Green Color)