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Gauge View Library Demo App

Android App Details:
Company: Digital Mirko
Version: 1.0
Category: Demo
Language: English
Device: Compatible with Android Mobile
Requires Android 5.1 Lollipop (API level 22)
  Programming Environment: Android Studio 3.0
Gauge View Library Demo App icon
External Libraries used: com.github.Pygmalion69:Gauge:1.2
  About Gauge View Library Demo App:  

This simple app turns your Android phone into a Gauge View Library Demo App.

To use this app the user just clicks the 'Gauge View Library Demo' app icon and they are taken right into the app. They are greeted with a large Gauge Dial in the center with a working middle dial. Then a pair of buttons on the bottom left and right which control the dial movement. Movement is setup for a left direction in 10 increments and a right direction in 10 increments. But no increment can go past the 0 number.

This program uses the following library 'com.github.Pygmalion69:Gauge:1.2'.

Screen caps and video taken from App running on Motorola Moto X Developer Edition running Android 5.1 Lollipop (API level 22).

Gauge View Library Demo App Screen Caps
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Video: Showing App in Use    
Gauge View Library Demo App Screen Caps
App Started
'+10' Btn Clicked to 60
'+10' Btn Clicked to 80
'-10' Btn Clicked to 30
'-10' Btn Clicked to 0
'+10' Btn Clicked to 40