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Magnetic Field Meter App

Android App Details:
Company: Digital Mirko
Version: 1.0
Category: Tools
Language: English
Device: Compatible with Android Mobile
Requires Android 4.0.3 IceCreamSandwich (API level 15)
  Programming Environment: Android Studio 2.3.3
Magnetic Field Meter App icon
External Library used: not used
  About Magnetic Field Meter App:  

This simple app turns your Android phone into a Magnetic Field Meter App.

To use this app the user just clicks the 'Magnetic Field Meter' app icon and they are taken right into the app. They are greeted with a graphic in the middle of the app with the microtesla units (µT) its reading as the app starts. The demo is shown on an acutal device because this does not work on a simulator. As the phone was moved around in different directions it was picking up readings that went up and down. Examples are shown below of the App in use in both Video and Screen Caps below.

Production App screen caps and video taken from App running on Motorola Moto X Developer Edition running Android 5.1 Lollipop (API level 22).

Magnetic Field Meter App Screen Caps
    Video Examples    
Video: Showing App in Use    
Magnetic Field Meter App Screen Caps
App Icon Shown
App Started: 44µT
App in Use: 37µT
App in Use: 50µT
App in Use: 41µT
App in Use: 53µT
App in Use: 42µT
App in Use: 49µT
App in Use: 55µT
App in Use: 70µT