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Notification Channels Demo App

Android App Details:
Company: Digital Mirko
Version: 1.0
Category: Demo
Language: English
Device: Compatible with Android Mobile
Requires Android 8 Oreo (API level 26)
  Programming Environment: Android Studio 3.0.1
Notification Channels Demo App icon
External Libraries used: none used
  About Notification Channels Demo App:  

This simple app turns your Android phone into a Notification Channels Demo App.

To use this app the user just clicks the 'Notification Channels Demo' app icon and they are taken right into the app. They are greeted with a button labeled 'Show' when clicked with show a notification message at the top. Then various additional options are shown that come with using the Notification Channels App option.

App screen and video caps taken from App running on Nexus 5X running Android 8.0 Oreo (API Level 26).

Notification Channels Demo App Screen Caps
    Video Examples    
Video Showing App in Use    
  Notification Channels Demo App Screen Caps  
Android Nexus 5x device        
App Stated:
'Show' Button Clicked
Home Button Clicked
Pull Down from Top
Notification Slide
  Notification Shown   View Notification to the Right
  on the top of the app      
Gear Icon Clicked
'More Settings' Clicked
'Channel Name' Selected
Importance Clicked
'High' Make Sound
on Notification Notification Options More Details Shown Options Shown Option Selected
  Displayed   Urgent (Default Selected)  
Back Button Selected
Home Button Selected
App Icon Clicked
App Launched Again
Notification Pulled Down
Swipe to the Right
Notification Pushed
'Show' Btn Clicked
Notification Pulled Down
Swipe to the Right
Notification Removed Back Up Notification appears   Notification Removed
    upper left corner