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Image Recognizer Demo App (Core ML)

iOS App Details:
Company: Digital Mirko
Version: 1.0
Category: Utilities
Coded: Swift 4 on Xcode 9.0 IDE
Language: English
Device: Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod Touch
Requires iOS 11.0 or later
Uses Core ML (Machine Learning Model): Inception v3
  Type: Neural Network Classifier
Image Recognizer Demo App
Note: Images used in demo below were found via Google images.
  About Image Recognizer Demo App:  

This app converts your Apple iOS device into a Image Recognizer Demo app.

The user clicks the Image Recognizer Demo app icon then they are taken right into the app. They are greeted with a two top options for importing an image for use with this app. On the left the user can click the camera icon to use the built in camera to take a phone then submit it to the app for object translation. Then on the upper right the user can click the 'library' button to be taken to the devices internal library and use those images for translation. In this app we are using images from the library only on the iPhone X simulator app. In the top middle of the app is the app's title "Image Recognizer". This is just a label only.

In the middle of the screen is where the image selected will be show. When the app starts in the bottom there is a label propting the user to 'Select an Image' to be imported. Once imported when the image is translated the answer will show up on this label to what the recognizer app believes it is seeing. As you can see there are times when its correct and other times where its incorrect. Plus working with this app i've noticed that sometimes changing the angle of a device brings up the correct answer too.

The Inception v3 Core ML Model detects the dominant objects present in an image from a set of 1000 categories such as trees, animals, food, vehicles, people and more.

Screen caps taken from App running on an iPhone X device running iOS 11.0. Coded in Swift 4.

Image Recognizer Demo App Screen Caps
iPhone X device        
App Started
Library Photos via
Tennis Ball Selected
Apple Remote Selected
Red Telephone Selected
Camera Roll
Correct Recognition
Correct Recognition
Correct Recognition
'tennis ball'
'remote control'
'telephone, dial phone'
Notebook Comp. Selected
BaseBall Cap Selected
Briefcase Selected
iPhone Selected
Bucket Selected
Correct Recognition
Incorrect Recognition
Incorrect Recognition
Incorrect Recognition
Correct Recognition
'notebook computer'
'Band Aid'
'binder, ring-binder'
'bucket, pail'
DVD Selected
Womans Face Selected
Man Standing Selected
Boomerang Selected
Rubber Ducky Selected
Incorrect Recognition
Incorrect Recognition
Incorrect Recognition
Incorrect Recognition
Incorrect Recognition
'electric fan, blower'
'face powder'
'jean, blue jeans, denim'
'hair slide'
'pencil sharpener'
Airliner Selected
Basketball Selected
Pencil Selected
Racket Selected
Baseball Bat Selected
Correct Recognition
Correct Recognition
Correct Recognition
Correct Recognition
Incorrect Recognition
'racket, racquet'