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Random Fruit Picker App

iOS App Details:
Company: Digital Mirko
Version: 1.0
Category: Food & Drink
Coded: Swift 4.2 on Xcode 10.2.1 (10E1001) IDE
Language: English
Device: Compatible with iPhone & iPad
  Requires iOS 12.2 or later
Random Fruit Picker App icon
  About Random Fruit Picker App:  

This app converts your Apple iOS device into a Random Fruit Picker App.

Fruit is always a yummy treat, but many times we dont know which one to choose. This app allows you to choose a random fruit to eat. The fruits available in this app are: Apple, Bananas, Cherries, Grapes, Lemon, Orange, Pear & Strawberry.

To use this app the user just clicks the 'Random Fruit Picker' icon and they are taken right into the app. They are greeted with a white background with the title on top 'Random Fruit Picker', a large bowl of fruit in the center and a button below labeled 'Click to Pick'. The user clicks the 'Click to Pick ' button and a random fruit is selected and displayed in name on top and in the body in graphic.

Screen and Video caps taken from App running on an iPhone Xr running iOS 12.2. Coded in Swift 4.2.

Random Fruit Picker App Screen, Video Caps and Sketchbook scan
Video Example Proto Type Sketch / Screen Caps from App Design Layout Shown
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iPhone Xr device
App Started
Btn Clicked
Btn Clicked
Btn Clicked
Btn Clicked
Fruit Shown, Pear
Fruit Shown, Orange
Fruit Shown, Strawberry
Fruit Shown, Apple
Btn Clicked
Btn Clicked
Btn Clicked
Btn Clicked
Btn Clicked
Fruit Shown, Bananas
Fruit Shown, Lemon
Fruit Shown, Cherries
Fruit Shown, Grapes
Fruit Shown, Apple