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Psychic Fortune Teller

Java Applet Details:
Company: Digital Mirko
Version: 1.0
Category: Entertainment
Release Date: March 22, 2013
Language: English
Requirements: Compatible with Windows, Mac OS & Linux
Requires: Java installed on platform to play
  GitHub: Java-FortuneTellerApp
Opening App Screen Shot
  About Psychic Fortune Teller:  

In todays busy and hectic life we can all use a touch of luck in our lives..

This psychic java applet allows four interesting psychics to give you either a fortune or a set of lucky numbers to use as you wish. When the user opens up the app they simply fill in their name. Then they go and choose one of the psychics. As they do the chosen psychic will appear on the right side with a blurb about who they are. Now the user can either choose a 'Fortune' and / or 'Lucky Numbers' for their own person reading.

In our line up we have 'Zoltar the Magnificent', seer of all things in time and space who is always happy to help someone see what their future holds. Next we have 'The King' but you can call him 'Elvis'. The third of the group is 'The Brain', the all knowing and seeing man of wonders. Followed by 'Madame Olga', Gypsy Queen who has been given the gift of sight.

Psychic Fortune Teller App Screen Caps
Zoltar the Magnificent (chosen reading (fortune / lucky numbers)
The King (chosen reading (fortune / lucky numbers)
The Brain (chosen reading (fortune / lucky numbers)
Madame Olga (chosen reading (fortune / lucky numbers)