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Find Even Numbers App

Java Command Line App Details:
Company: Digital Mirko
Category: Utility
Language: English
Requirements: Compatible with Windows, Mac OS & Linux
Coded in Netbeans IDE use Java 8
Requires: Java installed on platform to play
  Java APK: Download APK File
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  About Find Even Numbers App:  

This is a simple java app that prints out the even numbers from 0 to the number entered.

Just download the attached apk (zipped up) and make sure you have Java installed. Then unzip the file and open up a command line or Terminal to launch. You can launch it in terminal using: java -jar "/path of your files location/EvenNumbers.jar"

Once the app launches just put in an integer number above 0 and click enter. The app will then print out the even numbers from 0 to the number you entered. See the assorted screen caps below to see the various possible outputs.

Attached apk file tested on Mac OS X and Windows OS. Screen Caps shown below taken from Mac OS X.

Find Even Numbers App Screen Caps