iOS Prototypes



iOS App Details:
Company: Digital Mirko
Version: 1.0
Category: Utilities
Language: English
Device: Compatible with Apple Watch, iPhone 5 on up
Requires: Apple WatchOS on up
KITT App icon
  About KITT App:  

This is a prototype design for a Knight Rider KITT AI app for the Apple Watch and iPhone devices.

Everyone remembers the TV show knight rider. It featured an AI car named KITT. This app brings that AI Car to your wrist or iPhone mobile device. It features a similar interphase and design that was featured in the car. Along, with pre-programmed audio responses connected to various buttons with an animated red voice box as the app speaks.

These prototype designs below are taken from my UI/UX Design notebook on a possible design solution for this type of app design for use on the Apple Watch device (38mm and 42mm) and iPhone mobile units.

KITT App Screen Designs
Prototype UI/UX Design
Prototype UI/UX Design