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Tesla Motors App

iOS App Details:
Company: Digital Mirko
Version: 1.0
Category: Utilities
Language: English
Device: Compatible with Apple Watch, iPhone 5 on up
Requires: Apple WatchOS on up
Tesla Motors App icon
  About Tesla Motors App:  

This is a prototype design for a Tesla Motors app for the Apple watch.

Tesla makes some of the most amazing electic vehicles on the market. People love owning and driving them. As the cars evolve we also see them connecting with our mobile devices via the Internet of Things(IoT). This prototype design was created before any app was available for the Apple watch and the version for the Apple iPhone just had a few interesting features for users to use on their mobile devices.

The various options look at all the things the car can do and bring it to your wrist to command in an easy to use way. Along with this design there would be an Apple iPhone design that also has the same features too. These prototype designs below are taken from my UI/UX Design notebook on a possible design solution for this type of Tesla Motors design for use on the Apple watch device (38mm and 42mm).

Tesla Motors App Screen Designs
Prototype UI/UX Design
Prototype UI/UX Design
Prototype UI/UX Design