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Time Tracker App

Watch App Details:
Company: Digital Mirko
Version: 1.0
Category: Business
Release Date: N/A
Cost: N/A
File Size: N/A
Language: English
Device: Compatible with Apple Watch
  Requires Apple Watch OS 3.x or greater
Time Tracker App icon
Coded in: Xcode 8.2.1 under Swift 3
GitHub Code: Time Tracker
  About Time Tracker App:  

Time is one of the most valuable things we have in life. Once spent it can never be relived. So its very important that we use our time wisely in any part of our lives. Many times people think they've spent a certain amount of time doing something not realizing that it was less time then they thought since there were other distractions that occured but were counted into the equation as the task at hand.

This app allows you via your Apple Watch (38mm and 42mm) to keep track of your time and also punch out for breaks or other things.

As the user launches the app they are greeted by a Splash Screen as the program loads. Then they will see the current time in the upper right hand corner of the app. Followed by a message in the middle for 'Today' along with how many hours and mins have been clocked. When the use is ready to do their task they simply click the green 'Clock-In' button and the counter begins counting away. They can now go about doing what they were doing and when they are going to stop their task all they need to do is click the red 'Clock-Out' button and the counter will stop and record that block of time recorded. Note: the time blocks will continue to be recorded in the apps history until it is reset in the menu option mentioned below.

To see the menu for the app all the user has to do is push hard on the screen and a menu will appear with two options:

1. 'History' button: view the history of the times clocked in.

2. 'Reset All' button: clears all the history entries added.

If the user clicks the history button they will be greeted by a listing of all the times registered and get an idea of how much time was really spent doing something. The images below show how the app works from the Splash Screen to Clearing the History and starting with a new blank slate for another round of time recording.

Its a great, easy to use app for anyone that wants to see where their time really goes when working on something.
The Screen caps shown below were taken off of the 42mm Apple watch unit. This app was coded in Swift.

Time Tracker App Screen Caps
    42mm watch design    
Splash Screen
Home Screen
Clocked-In Screen
Menu Screen
History Screen
Clocked-In Screen
Clocked-In Screen
Clocked-Out Screen
Menu Screen
History Screen
Menu Screen
History Cleared
Time Tracker App MindMap